We have a great appreciation for the depth of study it takes to be a good practitioner of Oriental Medicine. We have made it a priority to continue our studies. Our services include acupuncture based on in depth Hara, Pulse, Face, and Tongue Diagnosis. The use Moxabustion is used regularly to enhance immune function, calm and revitalize the Qi flow.

Body work techniques are incorporated when necessary. These include zero balancing and Sinew Release. Both techniques help release tension and increase the efficacy of the acupuncture treatment.

Essential oil blends are used on the acupuncture points during an acupuncture session. A client can take the oils home to apply themselves. Essential oils help in the healing process by increasing circulation, and promoting immune function.

Nutritional guidance, stretching and exercise regiments are discussed throughout the treatment process.

We make it a common practice to bridge with both Western Medical and complimentary health care practitioners.