Carol Craid Sigler and  Julie Sigler-Baum

Carol Craid Sigler and Julie Sigler-Baum

Julie Sigler-Baum, B.A.,M.Ac.

Julie Sigler-Baum holds degrees from the Worsley Institute of Classical Acupuncture in Miami Lakes, Florida and The College of Traditional Acupuncture in Royal Leamington Spa, England. She is a Diplomat in Acupuncture of the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncturists and is licensed by the State of New York. In addition, Julie also has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Social Relations from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana.


Julie’s Journey

My journey into the world of Oriental Medicine began when I was seven years old. I grew up in a household where Eastern and Western medicine worked together. My dad, Stephan J. Sigler was a Harvard trained doctor who studied acupuncture. He was influential in getting two Chinese acupuncturists licensed in the State of New York. I can remember them coming to our house and brewing herbal teas and taking my pulses. My dad and mom worked together for twenty years and I learned so much about how to bridge Western and Eastern theory.

As a child, I suffered from chronic sinus infections and eczema and acupuncture treatments, dietary changes and herbs cleared up my complaints. I felt a deep sense of peace, and by the time I was fourteen I knew I wanted to be a acupuncturist. I studied Chinese theory and focused my energies on pulse diagnosis. All of my educational experiences, including my college work, prepared me for the rigorous demands of achieving a Masters in Acupuncture. Four years into my acupuncture practice, however, I realized I needed more in depth tools and experience to further help my clients reach their potential. In 1997, I went to study in Beijing, China. I worked at Guanomon Hospital and mentored with Dr. Wong. In the clinic, we saw over 80 patients per day. When I was not in the clinic I was studying theory and Chinese culture. Upon my return from China, in the Fall of 1997, I began my twelve year course of study with Jeffery Yuen. I completed an herbal certification program and dove into the Chinese Classics (The Su Wen, and The Ling Shu), and the study of essential oils.

I am now studying at the New England School of Acupuncture under the guidance of Kiiko Matsumoto.

After twenty two and a half  years of practice, I am still in awe at the depth and beauty that Chinese Medicine offers. Everyday is an opportunity to heal and pursue the joy in life. I am so grateful to be able to work at East End Acupuncture and I look forward to sharing my life’s work with you! Best Wishes, Julie


Carol Craid Sigler, R.N., M.Ac.

Carol Sigler holds degrees from the College of Traditional Acupuncture in Royal Leamington Spa, England. She is a Diplomat in Acupuncture from the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture and is licensed in New York State.
Carol served as the chairperson on the Board of the Worsley Institute of Classical Acupuncture for four years and taught at the institution for eight years.


Carol’s Journey

When I began this journey into the world of acupuncture in the early 1970′s my first study was with The North American College of Acupuncture. The birth of my son postponed the study, joyfully, to be continued a few years later. In the mean time , with the support of my husband, I introduced prepared childbirth to the Southampton Hospital and taught the Lamaze method there for twelve years.

In the early 1980′s, there were no acupuncture colleges in existence on the East Coast. Through a friend, I heard of a visiting professor who was giving a talk about acupuncture. He was the head of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Leamington Spa, England. Clearly, he was a gifted Shaman and a captivating speaker. I signed up on the spot and with the support of my extended family traveled to England periodically for ten years.


Five Element acupuncture was a beautiful place to begin. It was based on the knowledge that the human being is a microcosm of the universe and is affected by all aspects of nature. This theory, opened up a dialogue about the importance of body, mind and spirit healing. Yes, those words are tossed around everywhere these days. This study provided a way to reach the spirit and promote healing on the deepest level. Listening to the silent spaces, holding open the possibilities, letting it be known that there is a choice for joy or misery, growth or stagnation, health or disease.

In the late 1980′s, I helped start The Worsley Institute of Classical Acupuncture in Miami Lakes, Florida. I was proud to act as the board chairperson for ten years. Just when you think you have learned something, you realize that the journey has just begun. I was fortunate to study with many wonderful Masters. I studied with Jeffery Yuen for 12 years. I also studied the Japanese method with Kiiko Matsumoto. I have been taught by many gifted American teachers over the years.

In 1973, my husband and I built the first fuctioning solar heated house on the East Coast. It appeared in House Beautiful and was on 60 minutes.

The journey continues, as my garden teaches me lesson after lesson, season after season. Warm Wishes, Carol